Yes, THIS weekend catch the show that’s been all over the world. It’s already a TV series in the UK and Australia and a web series on the Nerdist Channel, so where have you been? See stellar comics deliver a never-before-seen performance based on topics they (and the audience) are viewing for the very first time. It’s spontaneous. It’s outrageous. It’s from the minds of Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad. It’s Set List! This Saturday, September 27 at NerdMelt Showroom see amazing (and unprepared) sets from

Andrew Santino
Moshe Kasher
Greg Fitzsimmons
Hasan Minhaj
Emo Philips
Eliza Skinner
Jerrod Carmichael

Hosted by Troy Conrad (The Comedy Jesus Show)

It’s gonna be sheer madness!

Mentions: Show 8:00pm. Purchase tickets for Set List HERE. NerdMelt Showroom is located at 7522 Sunset Bl., LA. Did we mention it’s their 4-year anniversary show? GO!