Relax, it’s not 7 Minutes in Purgatory for YOU. The COMEDIANS get to experience the many level of performance hell for THIS show. Seasoned comedians perform directly to a camera alone in a soundproof room, while the audience watches a live feed in another room. Yes, YOU get to watch them do their act without all the bells and whistles that go along with audience feedback. It’s wild thing to behold! Host/co-creator Ian Abramson has toured the show around the country and garnered some critical acclaim. Monday, January 26, at UCB Sunset the following brave comedians that will endure this torture include:

Eric Andre
Kyle Kinane
Matt Braunger
Sara Schaefer
and more?

Take a look at what other audiences have been privy to RIGHT NOW.

And if you need more explanation here’s Ian Abramson giving his 2 cents on the subject.

Mentions: Show 7:00pm. The show is currently sold out of pre-show tickets, but on the day of there will be a “wait list” for standing room/floor seats, so still plan on coming. UCB Sunset is located at 5419 W Sunset Blvd., LA.