Video Licks: Watch the First Five Episodes of ‘That’s Racist with Mike Epps’ NOW

Last week we told you about a brand new AOL Originals series called That’s Racist hosted by Mike Epps. Well, you can now watch the FIRST FIVE episodes under your desk with your ear buds in while you feign interest in your job. Hooray! Your comedian host will try to find out the facts and the fictions behind some common sterotypes. In the first episode Mike takes a trip to Oakland to find some answers to an age-old mystery.

Episode 2: Mike visits a Jewish deli

Episode 3: Mike hits the road

Episode 4: Mike tackles the strongest stereotype in the news today

Episode 5: Why White men can’t jump

Mentions: Look forward to five more episodes dropping March 2nd. Watch more AOL Originals in the meantime.