Hat Trick

Prest-o, change-o! OK, there may not be any actual wizardry going on at this hat shop, but there will be an abundance of COMEDY. TONIGHT March 27t at Goorin Brothers hat shop in Pasadena behold many a comedian performing great feats of humor. The engaging and might I say dapper line-up includes

Byron Bowers
Beth Stelling
Dave Ross
Eliza Skinner
Ian Abramson
Scott Blacks
The Brothers Brothers Band

hosted by Tony Bartolone

Laugh heartily and buy a hat. A HAT TRICK without an audience is just plain sad.

Mentions: Show 9pm. FREE!!! Whiskey, beer, hats and comedy all readily available. Goorin Brothers Pasadena is located at 49 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena.