Video Licks: Watch LAST WEEK TONIGHT Transform Into The Televangelist Tax Sink it Exposes

Last Week Tonight

This may be John Oliver’s greatest feat yet. The Last Week Tonight host turned his attentions to a group that’s not really been in the limelight since the 80s, televangelists. As it turns out those larger than life preachers have been profiting from their devout followers for quite some time now. The ministries have been using the nation’s vague tax laws to make sure they keep every cent of their questionable earnings. Oliver pointed out one particular church’s “money trap” scheme by engaging in a six month correspondence with it’s leader. The host didn’t stop there, however. Oliver put the American tax laws, that keeps these churches in business, to the test by completing the process of making the HBO show an honest to goodness church called Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption. He even recruited former SNL cast member Rachel Dratch to raise “seed” money for his new endeavor. I haven’t seen a performance this good since True Blood. Enjoy!

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