Fine Vines/Icing Mashup: Comedian Olivia Grace asks Dane Cook to PROM

Color me impressed but at 18 I certainly didn’t have my ducks all in a row and I certainly wasn’t asking my idol to the prom. The very young Olivia Grace has done just that via the video-sharing platform Vine. We talked to Olivia about her quest to go to prom with her idol Dane Cook (who just happens to be touring again). Let me tell you, her chances are very good just based on the fact that the kid’s got a plan and major gumption. Go get ’em girl!!!

Comedy Cake: When is your prom?

Olivia: Not sure yet, they haven’t set a solid date, but they say sometime in mid-April.

Cake: Of all the comedians in the world what made you choose Dane a potential prom date?

Dane’s sexy as hell, super funny & he’s someone whose brain I’d kill to have a chance to pick. I’ve always loved Dane Cook and after I first saw him on tv when I was like 12, I’ve had a crush on him.

Of course there are other comics I feel the same way about, but Joe Rogan is married and I don’t think my school would let me bring Doug Stanhope.

Yes I think Doug Stanhope is sexy. I’m aware that this information is unnecessary.

Cake: What are your plans should he say ” yes”?

Olivia: IMMEDIATELY lose 20 lbs and save up for a dress.

Cake: If you found out you were going to tour with Dane right now would you do it and get a GED later?

Olivia: My school offers an online program and I’m currently taking all my classes through that, so I’d like to think I could get the school work done on the road. I’m surprisingly competent.

Cake: Where can we catch you performing comedy next?

Olivia: I’ll be at Brea Improv on October 19th at 11PM. I’m constantly doing shows all over though, and while my website is down, you can follow me on Twitter and get updates from there! @LOLOliviaGrace

Mentions: BE SURE to follow @LOLOliviaGrace for prom updates. Also, check out her standup on YouTube. Image by Dan Shalaby.