Video Licks: We are Obsessed with Melinda Hill’s ‘All Growz Up’ Web Series

How could this amazing web series fly under my radar? I DON’T KNOW but I’m so happy it was brought to my attention. All Growz Up with Melinda Hill burrows down to the core of what makes funny folks tick. Comedian Melinda Hill (Ferguson, Reno 911, Pretend Time & Adventure Time ) asks the most important question of them all “What did you want to be when you grow up?” Does she get answers? Oh boy, does she! It was uber hard to decide which episodes to pry from the YouTube Chuckler Comedy channel but here are my favorite five (plus my favorite quote from the episode). Enjoy!

1. Matt Besser

Favorite Quote: “Be undeniable. Be that no one can say that you’re not funny.”

2. Kyle Kinane

Favorite Quote: “So do it because you love it and you’re gonna do it for free forever.”

3. Arden Myrin

Favorite Quote: “Everone’s a beast.”

4. Rory Scovel

Favorite Quote: “I’m not in the permission business. I’m in show business.”

5. Mary Lynn Rajskub

Favorite Quote: “Show me your business and maybe I’ll give you some business.”

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