Video Licks: SETHWARD Gives A Hoppin’ Performance on ABC’s THE GONG SHOW

You know the old saying, “Always a bridesmaid never a bride?” Well, that holds most true for comedic performer SETHWARD’s appearances on ABC’s The Gong Show. Now does that stop us from tuning in to see the wild characters he consistently comes up with? HELL NO! The now seasoned vet of the show, Sethward has performed as many a creature from the wild kingdom, including a Walrus, a Chicken, a Cow, and for this week’s grand season finale, a BUNNY! You’d think with this week’s celebrity judges (Ken Jeong, Chelsea Peretti, Adam Devine) all coming from the world of comedy that Sethward would have a carrot up on the competition, but alas that 2k check alludes our long-eared, fluffy-tailed entertainer. Enjoy this hoppin’ hilarious performance!

Mentions: Watch more episodes at ABC online! All images care are of The Gong Show ABC press team.