Video Licks: NIGHTPANTZ Compares The Dangers of Air Travel vs The Patriarchy

Having the jitters about that upcoming flight? NIGHTPANTZ would like to set your mind at ease. It appears you have a much better chance having a run in with the patriarchy than saying your last goodbyes on that trip to The Bahamas. So what about getting on a trip filled with snakes and dudes? I guess that’ll have to be a different PSA. Enjoy Don’t worry. Your chance of dying from men is higher than planes!

This video was written by Teri Jo Rask, directed by Héloïse Chung, produced by Tim Lacatena, associate produced Teri Jo Rask, and features Carolina Hoyos, Teri Jo Rask, Sarah Albritton, Elizabeth Del Re, Alexandra Izzo, & Sarah Jane.

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