Video Licks: School’s Back in Session at PINK-EYE VILLAGE ft. Matt S. McCormick

We’ve made to SEPTEMBER, beybee! OK, for us adults that means just a few months til some decent winter break, but for you kids, yep it’s Scantrons and tears. Hey, at least you have Pammy to get you to the building of mind alterations. Sure, she wishes it wasn’t so hot and the kids had off til Krampus time, but you know deep down she loves it. Who would go through the trouble of packing all those goodies and sporting a trick wrist? Did you know she caught Melissa McCarthy’s R-rated puppet movie? Learn more now with It Takes a Pink-Eye Village: The Bus is Back in Town!

This series is brought to you by Matt S. McCormick.

Mentions: Watch more PINK-EYE VILLAGE episodes HERE! Class is in session at TERMS OF ENQUEERMENT: SCHOOL GAYS Tues., September 11th, 7:00pm at The PIT Loft, hosted by Matt!