Video Licks: BORN LOSERS Has Gone to The Dogs in The First Episode of SEASON TWO

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Ugh, there’s nothing like enjoying the outdoors with some brisk exercise, UNTIL it’s spoiled by some fresh doggie doo. In the first episode of the SEASON TWO of BORN LOSERS, E-Kan (E-Kan Soong) is anointed with some canine waste and is motivated to do something about it. When our Born Losers encounter the owner of this tail wagging polluter, some harsh words are exchanged, and E-Kan takes the heated exchanged to the next level. Enjoy Khalessi! (WARNING: The pint size doggy cuteness levels are off the charts!)

This is a Foolish Bandit Production created by Nathan Ray Clark & E-Kan Soong with shout outs to Sean Palsgaard, Colin Dunning, Doug Simpson, Ray Chao, Gregory David Danler, Cher Tenbush and adorable Luna, Beverly Parkinson, and Fred Lemke and Spork Music Productions.

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