Video Licks: WHAT’s THE 311? is Back for Season 2 with More Questionable Brooklynite Observations from the Neighborhood

Word on the street is that SEASON 2 of What’s The 311? is ready to make you part of the neighborhood. Has Brooklyn had it’s time in the sun? NEVER! In the new season we get even more “incoherent ramblings” from our often clueless residents soaking up their inhabitants and letting you in on the local fare. Watch the first episode where some Fort Greene residents embrace the community’s rich culture while going down that road of “pursuing arts by any means necessary.” *cough* Yes, the deep-seated privilege doesn’t go unnoticed. Enjoy this InPoliteCo gem!

This series stars Andrei Alupului, Bryce Craver, Alex Gellner, Adam Howard, Dana Kaplan-Angle, Samantha Strelitz & Beth White. Jonathan Doyle is the writer and director, with editing by Sam Weiss & Andrei Alupului, and sound by Nikolaus Koetsch.

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