Stand-up, improv and a Lightening Round awaits you tonight at the Extra Credit comedy show happening right off Santa Monica Blvd at The Clubhouse. And who should you look forward to performing? Check out this list:

Improv from: HAVE A COOL SUMMER!
(Adam McCabe feat. Anthony Gioe, Hayley Huntley and Mike Leffingwell)

+++ !!LiGhTnInG rOuND!!
hosted by Hosted by Jess Lane, Christian Spicer, & Greg Wallace

What is this “lightening round” we refer to? According to the promoters:

“It’s like an open mic, but everyone gets ONE MINUTE. Put your name in the bucket and we will pick some lucky comedians to perform! How many jokes can you cram into 1 minute? Will you say your jokes really fast? Will you bring one liners? Yes, yes, and yes! Yes, you only get ONE MINUTE, and YES, you will all perform back to back.”

AWESOME, right!? And what makes it even sweeter is that show is FREE and there’s FREE BEER. Score!

Mentions: Just you try to stay away.