Video Licks: The FROG BOYZ Reveal “Why Pilgrims’ Hats Have Buckles”

For the sake of this video we will wipe from our brains that buckles were probably not in vogue until decades after the pilgrims left England. Yes, those Plymouth Pilgrims were probably sporting unadorned capotains for everyone but those British oppressors they’d escaped. In this new animated video from the FROG BOYZ we will think back to all that childhood artwork we were forced to concoct where there were buckles present in mass. It’s time to use your imaginations and think of the perfect use for such a head adornment (which we now associate with a yearly consumer tradition). Do you have it? You’re getting warm. Think more Thanksgiving…you’ve got it. Enjoy “Why Pilgrims’ Hats Have Buckles” now!

The Frog Boyz are Sean Newman and Jesse VandenBergh.

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