Video Licks: NEVER SAD Gets Down to Business with The JOKER STAIRS

Never Sad

The world’s favorite DC character villain got his own dark, gritty film this year and it’s already surpassed the $1 billion dollar mark. The Joker fans have been consumed with one particular movie film location and have made the Bronx stairs their ideal selfie location. You can catch many a tourist replicating that those signature dance moves to savor even the tiniest piece of movie history. In this new sketch from NEVER SAD, the guys have decided to capitalize on the Joker film fervor by charging for entrance. However, fan are not their only customers. Enjoy Joker Stairs! (WARNING: Public pelvic thrusts to Gary Glitter tunes are probably not the best idea. Also, violence is never the answer.)

NEVER SAD is Jed Feiman and Nehemiah Markos. The cast for this video includes Jokers: Jules Hamilton, Emma Maltby, Ben Strate, Alan Z.B, and Batmen: Elijah Crocker, Malachi Markos, Chike Robinson, Alexi Transparent.

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