Tasty News: Another Live-Streamed Stand-Up Showcase of CAN I LIVE*? Hosted by AMBER ROLLO This Friday

Join NYC comedian, actor, writer Amber Rollo as she offers up another vibrant lineup of talented comedians from the confines of their habitations. The night of stand-up comedy called CAN I LIVE*? (*Pronounced: LAIV- as in LIVE) is a relaunch of show she did a couple of years ago which was housed in a tiny comic book shop and live-streamed online. With the dawn of the new age I call “the virus times,” Rollo though it more appropriate than ever to bring the show back to the Zoom platform. This Friday, May 1st, quarantine doesn’t have to be a lonely place because you can now enjoy your favorite performers live as they bring on the entertainment you crave (from a similar predicament you find yourself in). The lineup will include:

J-L Cauvin (The Late Late Show)

Sameer Naseem (Vice)

Samantha Ruddy (Colbert)

Anya Volz (New York Comedy Festival)

It’s time to live it up with humor!

Amber Rollo (image by JT Anderson)

Mentions: Show 9pm ET. Tickets $5 and can be purchased HERE. When you purchase a ticket, you will receive a Zoom link to join in the fun.