Tasty News: Beginning June 1st Join “Keith and The Girl”‘s CHEMDA for The Ultimate OMAT Program

Tasty News: Beginning June 1st Join “Keith and The Girl”‘s CHEMDA for The Ultimate OMAT Program
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I’m always intrigued by acronyms and their formation origins. In this case, I can tell you OMAT does NOT stand for “Optimization & Machine Automation Technology” nor “Overseas Mauritians Aid Trust.” Phew! What it it DOES represent is Chemda’s (co-host of the Keith and The Girl podcast) “One Minute Ata Time” program where negative patterns are turned into positive habits. OMAT currently exists as a podcast exclusive to Keith and The Girl VIP members, but starting June 1st participants will be treated to virtual daily 15-minute sessions every weekday over 22 sessions. At each meeting Chemda, her KATG co-host Keith Malley, and partner Xerxes will lead the audience through all 8 minute-long exercises

  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Yoga
  • Plank
  • Procrastination
  • Connection
  • Aerobics

designed to help the mind, body, and spirit. Sessions will be made available at both 7am and 10am EDT on weekdays, so those who signup can choose the most convenient time for them. The ENTIRE program will cost just $100 for a little peace of mind in the crazy world. And for those sharp eyed Comedy Cake readers you can get a sizable DISCOUNT with the special code mentioned below. Now THAT is winning! Seize this opportunity to get that mind and body in check, my quarantined pretties!

Mentions:Comedy Cake readers can get a $20 discount with code “CAKE” – > Automatically discounted tickets HERE!!! Each session is 15 minutes. (5 minutes will be reserved after the session for Q&A). Please allow 30 minutes for the first and last sessions. (June 1st & June 30th) Sign up for the class time of your choice and you will be added to the session. More about Keith and The Girl OVER YONDER. Feature image by Anne Whitman.