Video Licks: Watch the Second Installment of ‘That’s Racist with Mike Epps’ NOW

Video Licks: Watch the Second Installment of ‘That’s Racist with Mike Epps’ NOW
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The AOL Originals series That’s Racist with Mike Epps explores various ethnic stereotypes and the history of the pervasive jokes associated with them. We showed you the first five episodes of the series and now it’s time to drop the next 5 in the series. Comedian MIKE EPPS continues to explore the backstories to racist humor with input from educators and a panel discussion composed of comedians Randy and Jason Sklar, Helen Hong, Rick Overton, John Viener and Sharon Houston. Epps does some man on the street interventions with the public testing out some of the questionable material and demonstrates how history and facts often distort into the snide, but sometimes funny, jokes we may have heard. (WARNING: Adult content)

“That’s Racist” Episode 6: Mike goes to an Irish pub and gets to the truth about whether or not all Irish folk are drunks.

“That’s Racist” Episode 7: Mike works with a Mexican gardener to explore the background of the stereotype that Mexicans are lazy.

“That’s Racist” Episode 8: The host tackles the stereotype that black people can’t swim. Mike also answers the question, “Can Mike swim?”

“That’s Racist” Episode 9: Mike gets a lesson about the belief that all Asians are smart.

“That’s Racist” Episode 10:
Mike finds out why all these jokes exist in the first place?

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