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Layers: An EPIC Synopsis of Epic Lloyd’s New Musical Comedy Series EPIC STUDIOS

Layers: An EPIC Synopsis of Epic Lloyd’s New Musical Comedy Series EPIC STUDIOS
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It was a packed house Thursday night, December 8th, at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica. The anticipation was high as the audience awaited Lloyd Ahlquist’s newest creation, Epic Studios. Mainly known as EpicLLOYD on social media platforms for his viral videos of Epic Rap Battles, Ahlquist takes on a more narrative approach to his musical series. After 3 and 1/2 years working with one of his talented producers, Aaron Krebs, the project was finally ready to be released to a lucky audience.

Epic Studios concentrates on Lloyd, a young man who just finds out his rockstar father was killed by his own rockstar lion on stage. Lloyd spent his whole life being estranged from his father as he traveled the road. Now after being left his father’s run down music studio in Toronto, Canada he’s tied to him forever.

"Epic Studios" Screening

“Epic Studios” Screening

The rest of the series follows Lloyd as he meets the rest of the characters who take care of Epic Studios, like Reggie and eventually his long lost brother James, who comes into play as he also gets left the studio and becomes Lloyd’s business partner. On top of getting a cool ass studio, there’s a smoking hot bartender, Rachel, who owns the bar right across the street.

Together the brothers of Epic Studio decide to clean the place up and get it back to a working profitable music studio. They hire a dark and lazy intern, Presley, who turns out to be working for a man who wants to turn the studio into hipster lofts. Lloyd and James won’t have that and continue to keep drumming up business to keep the studio open.

"Epic Studios" at Westside Comedy!

“Epic Studios” at Westside Comedy!

Throughout the whole series, there are musical rap outbursts of Lloyd’s internal monologue of the situation at hand. They are hilariously written and are beautifully edited to give you a bit of a music video feel throughout the song. Lloyd’s brother James also breaks out into his own rap song when things around the studio start to get stressful and crazy. Together the strange bunch of different characters become an unlikely family looking after each other in the end when it all turns to shit.

Keeps your eyes and ears open for the Epic Studios series that will be hitting a network or digital platform in the future! I personally have a great feeling about this series and know that Lloyd, Aaron, and the rest of the Epic Studios crew have many amazing opportunities to look forward to.

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