LAYERS: Drive into The New Workplace Series PARKED Now Streaming on Amazon

LAYERS: Drive into The New Workplace Series PARKED Now Streaming on Amazon
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So I started watching this series and soon realized, hey, I’ve been in that parking lot! Getting to the credits of the six-part workplace digital comedy, PARKED, my suspicion was confirmed. It was filmed at no other than a popular Burbank landmark which will remain nameless for the rest of this review (until, of course, you watch the series)! That establishment may have brought up some fond memories for myself, but the series has it’s roots in dark memories of day jobs past. You see, Kevin Bigley, who you’ll know from Bojack Horseman and remember from the USA Network series Sirens may worked the dreaded valet job at said unrevealed locale and has used his experiences to co-write and play the main character Kyle, a 30-year old co-assistant manager who valets for some not so generous and kind clientele. The series is the first “full blown digital series” of Bigley and co-star Kate Cobb’s company BigCob Productions. Co-created by Bigley and Ryan Collins, the series is currently available for viewing on Amazon Prime. The series follows a week in the life of Kyle and his struggling co-workers as they juggle their soul-crushing valet duties with future aspirations and some co-worker folly.

We are treated to a heap of highly-relatable performances from a well-matched cast, including Bigly as the lost in life Kyle, Kate Cobb as Kyle’s server/BFF Riley, Josef Bette as Kyle’s competitive, “song bird” car parker Cameron, Molly Ephraim as Kyle’s love interest Lorraine, plus standout supporting roles from Mateo Estrada as Kyle’s stunt crazy co-worker Dirk, Howie Johnson as the overly eager Gene, Chris Allen as Kyle’s big shot brother Brandon, Alex Koch as Mark, and Tug Coker who plays Erik. Some of the big takeaways from this inspirational first season is that when the going gets tough, you always have your pals to keep you centered; it’s OK to learn from one’s blunders; revenge is best served via delivery, and you NEVER know when you might need some glitter in your pockets. I recommend you binge this one in one sitting with some cake-size snacks. Also, please tip your servers and valets well, kids!

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