Layers: Everyone and Anyone Should Pick Up ROBERT DEAN’s “(It’s Not Easy) Being Dean” Out TODAY on Sure Thing Records

When I first saw the title of ROBERT DEAN’s new comedy album (It’s Not Easy) Being Dean, I instantly recalled childhood memories of listening to that beloved Muppet, Kermit the Frog, singing his identifyingly poignant tune. Then I remembered one of the lines of It’s Not Easy Beong Green, “and people tend to pass you over ’cause you’re not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water.” After listening to this album, I don’t think there will be ANYONE ignoring “Mr. Bob’s” humor or this exceptional album.

Dean covers a myriad of topics that many of us can relate to, as well as those uniquely sharable ones. Who hasn’t been uncomfortable getting a haircut? Or found first dates boring? Or had a scarring Benihana experience? Or fibbed on their resume? Or noticed a curious sign above a hotel waffle maker? OK, I think you get the picture. Dean is certifiably gifted at making the most benign of situations cry-laugh hilarious. Case in point, there’s a moment on the album when a New York Comedy Festival audience member reveals the name of a cell phone game they’ve been playing. Dean turns that interaction on it’s head and seamlessly integrates the moment to his favor, to the delight of the audience, and to benefit of the album. Now that’s thinking on your feet!

If you’re not Googling Tommy Bahama (Thomas Bahamas), questioning your breath mint etiquette (Tic Tacs), and thinking about bridge trolls (The Kiss Down) in the bedroom after your first listen, then you’re an animal (just not a bipedal, talking frog)! (It’s Not Easy) Being Dean is now available for purchase at and Sure Thing Records. Download it, stat!

The ultra talented Richard, I mean, ROBERT DEAN!

Mentions: Check out Robert’s Reddit AMA at 1pm EST! We understand Robert Dean will be embarking on a cross-country tour, traveling exclusively by Amtrak. Wink. Follow Robert on Twitter @RobertDean and Instagram: @BeingDean and @RobertDeanagram. (It’s Not Easy) Being Dean was recorded live at New York Comedy Club, November 12, 2017 and was written and performed by THE Robert Dean.