Sweet Tweets: John Oliver Unveils His #MutuallyAssuredHumiliation Photo

The satirical news program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver covered the story about a European court’s “right to be forgotten” ruling that allows an individual to force a search engine (like Google) to remove “irrelevant and outdated” search results. Oliver pointed out that once information made it’s way to the Internet it was in essence impossible to stop it from re-generating. In fact, those that have attempted to have information unlinked (as a result of the ruling) have brought even more attention upon themselves in the process. So in an act of true selflessness Oliver tweeted an unflattering photo of himself as an act of #MutuallyAssuredHumiliation and asked his audience to participate. If we all post something humiliating, we have nothing to fear, right? BEHOLD Oliver‘s photo in all its glory!

This program just gets funnier and edgier every episode.

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