Icing: Ashley Barnhill is Full of Surprises

Ashley Barnhill

You really need to up your social media game if you haven’t seen one of ASHLEY BARNHILL‘s creations. Reading her tweets, watching her Vines and perusing her videos will bring a great big smile to that silly face of yours instantly. Surprisingly, Barnhill didn’t start out in the comedy biz early on. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to receive her Juris Doctorate from the University of Texas School of Law. She soon realized law school was not her calling and it was then that she plunged straight into the entertainment field. Thank goodness!

Ashley Barnhill on stage

Ashley began comedy writing on Twitter and very soon became a contributor on Witstream.com. Not long thereafter her dark one-liners impressed the Huffington Post where she was featured in “18 Funny Women You Should Be Following on Twitter.” Winning!

If someone doesn’t hear you, just continue yelling their name in different voices and volumes until you have no friends.

— ashley barnhill (@ashley_barnhill) August 9, 2014

Since then Ashley has been working that comedy magic on stage. You might have seen her perform at places like the Moontower Comedy Festival, New York Comedy Festival and New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival. Barnhill has also studied sketch and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. It may not be law school but the greatest performers got their start at this comedy institution. Ashley‘s on the right track, for sure. Enough with the formal introductions and get to know this budding star just a little bit better.  

Greetings Ashley! Would you kindly tell us how you got your start in this crazy comedy world?

I would have to say I got my start in comedy writing tweets. I guess writing 140 character jokes while sitting behind my laptop screen agreed with me most at that time. And I think I liked being able to put myself out there but then also delete as fast as I can before anybody sees it.

hey! what’s up? what IS up. *grabs by shoulders & violently shakes* WHAT IS BEYOND THE CLOUDS A SKY GHOST VACUOUS ABYSS WHAT IS UP THERE

— ashley barnhill (@ashley_barnhill) August 8, 2014

Can you describe the experience of having a viral video receive waves of attention?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s gone viral nor getting waves of attention. But the response for the most part has been great! My favorite part of releasing this sketch has been that people have found the ‘Where Do You Want to Eat?’ topic really relatable. Doing a sketch about something people will relate to isn’t always what I aim for, but it was cool to see all the “THIS IS SO US” feedback.

Who are your comedic inspirations?

My mom will say something really bizarre sometimes and it probably makes me laugh harder than anyone I know.

Do you think we are currently experiencing a comedy Renaissance? It seems like there are so many more opportunities for self-expression these days.

I’ve only been doing comedy for about three years now, so I’m not sure if I can say if we’re experiencing a comedy Renaissance or not. I’m not even really sure what that would look like. But there are definitely many more ways to express yourself these days and we’re lucky for that. With comedy you’ve got to throw as many darts as you can and see what sticks.

Ashley Barnhill (image by Miguel Angel)

How do you keep your Vines so fresh?

For Vines I just do them whenever I feel like making a Vine. I never want to feel like I should make a Vine because I need to be putting stuff out there. So, I guess that’s how – I just do them whenever I have an idea and think, hey, that’d be fun to make a Vine of.

When Someone Cancels Plans With Me Last Minute

Happy Nightmare

Silverware Drawer

What’s your favorite type of sweet to nosh on?

Regarding my decisive abilities in narrowing down foods: please see “Where Do You Want to Eat?” video.

What projects do you have planned in the future?

Other than stand up just making more videos and whatever I can.

Mentions: Be sure to follow Ashley on Twitter and Vine. Check out her other videos and performances HERE. Feature photo by Kevin Nguyen. Meltdown video by Bruce Smith.