Video Licks: Notary Publix’s Unions Are For Dock Workers Gets A STAMP of Approval

Video Licks: <em>Notary Publix’s Unions Are For Dock Workers</em> Gets A STAMP of Approval
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This week’s episode of Notary Publix really gets down to business. Gina (Kate McKinnon) and Teresa (Emily Lynne) discover their palms are marred by a curious red spot. The crimson stamps prompt the gals to unionize, but their rival Erin Oatmeal (Aidy Bryant) and her boss Hieronymous-Fisk (Jay Pharoah) get in the way. In this episode you also get an exclusive behind the scenes look at Notary Publix. Win-win! Enjoy Unions Are For Dock Workers!

Cast includes Veronica Osorio, Morgan Smith, Chelsea Picken, Emmy Blotnick, and Lisa Alexander as Notary Girls plus Alexandra Vaccino as a customer.

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