Layers: LIZ MIELE is A Comic Tour de Force on Her Second Full-Length Album “Mind Over Melee”

Liz Miele

LIZ MIELE, who is known for being a young outspoken comedian in New York’s comedy community, recently released her second full-length comedy album, MIND OVER MELEE. In this album she shares everything from her experience on her first commercial set to her everyday battle with physical health. She also gets into her relationship with a Jewish man who invented a very popular cat toy. Intrigued yet? Keep reading. On the album we learn a hobby of hers is people watching to see how imperfect humans truly are compared to their flawless Facebook image. Go on… Liz shares that she has a recent break up with a boyfriend and how being a comedian has helped her so much with rejection. My favorite line of hers was expressing how she can handle the rejection of one person after being rejected by a room full of people who may not like a joke of hers. Now that’s a page out of the comedy school of hard knocks! Her album of comedy was recorded during her appearance at Edinburgh Fringe and was celebrated at a release show last month at New York Comedy Club with guest comedians Nore Davis, Carmen Lynch and Adrienne Lapalucci gracing the stage.

Originally from New Jersey, Liz Miele started doing stand up at a ripe young age of 16 in New York City and was already making appearances and interviews at the age of 22. She has appeared on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham,” Hulu’s “Coming to the Stage,” and Fox’s “Laughs.” If you want to catch her live she is a member of the regularly touring “Nobodies of Comedy” and Armed Forces Entertainment.

Mentions: Pick up Mind Over Melee on iTunes this minute! Check out Liz’s tour dates HERE! Liz’s first album, Emotionally Exhausting is on iTunes and Amazon and regularly plays on Sirus/XM.

By Kee