Layers: ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ Experience

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be a member of the test show audience for The Pete Holmes Show. Having attended one of the pilot episodes I was able to do a little cross-comparison of the changes that were made. Set-wise some of the more personal artifacts (references to Drive, There will be Blood, etc) that mostly “Weirdos” would pick up on were missing but I was happy to see Pete’s artwork (Joker hugging Batman) strewn about. The pilot table and chairs were replaced by standalone “bar stool type” seating and a very rustic bar was setup for other bits. The content of the test show was a bit more risque than the pilots but this is the direction Pete would like the show to head for. A little blue humor never hurt anyone, right? Overall, fans can expect sketch videos, viral videos, and most especially interviews. Personally I think the world will get a good sense of Pete’s brand of humor based on his interactions with guests and the audience. BTW, Andy Richter needs to be a guest more often everywhere! Much success & “Keep it Crispy”, Pete!

Mentions: “The Pete Holmes Show” premieres October 28 Midnight/11C on TBS (after Conan). Get your show tickets HERE.