Layers: Our Tribute to ‘The Jeselnik Offensive’

Over the weekend Anthony Jeselnik announced the cancellation of his Comedy Central show The Jeselnik Offensive at the New York Comedy Festival. Sadly, it was confirmed yesterday. I must say I was more than a little shocked to hear the news. For two seasons Jeselnik stirred up controversy more than Daniel Tosh on acid. Jeselnik took the freshest news and gave it his personal sordid touch. I thought I’d take a short trip down memory lane to remember the darkness, the laughter and the guests.

Jeselnik asked “Who wore it better?”

Fad Bashing was all the rage

Sacred Cow, Oh Sacred Cow

Panel played “Defend Your Tweet”

Jeselnik tackled touchy subjects

Kumail Nanjiani had fun with ice

Mantzoukas and Leggero rocked the “Best Worst Thing of the Week”

TJ Miller played a ranger

Eric Andre caused a stirr

and then lit up the stage

Jeselnik said his goodbyes on Twitter

Mentions: Anthony, good look with your future endeavors. Your email signature can now read “Good night, kids, go read a book. F*!k You, Comedy Central.”