Video Licks: A Man Brings Heart to The City in The Satirical Short Film CLANKER MAN


There are some things that you just overlook, but give a city it’s character. In the short film CLANKER MAN, it’s Terry Lothian’s (Eli Silverman) job to add the ambiance a proper city deserves. He shows off his skills for a documentary camera crew demonstrating how he makes those creepy urban sounds. He also gives us a taste of how he landscapes the city background with examples like book on bus shelter roof and “poetic abandonment.” You’ll soon seen just how necessary Terry’s tireless work is. Enjoy Clanker Man!

HEY, I may be late to this joy party, but this film must be seen by the masses. Clanker Man was written by Eli Silverman and Ben Steiner. The short was commissioned by Talkies Community Cinema in association with Short Sighted Cinema for the HERE Film Festival 2017. The makers of this film are also responsible for the award-winning horror/crime thriller “The Stomach.”

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