Icing: ALYSSA LIMPERIS Talks About Her New Taboo-Tackling Podcast with May Wilkerson “Crazy; In Bed”

Icing: ALYSSA LIMPERIS Talks About Her New Taboo-Tackling Podcast with May Wilkerson “Crazy; In Bed”
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There couldn’t be a more appropriate time to hear more from women in comedy. Am I right, kids?! The UCB Comedy Podcast Network is proud to present a brand new podcast called Crazy; In Bed from stand-up comedians Alyssa Limperis and May Wilkerson, which launched TODAY. In the new podcast, your brave co-hosts discuss the choicest of taboo subjects with humorous abandon. And what could be so taboo? The hosts’ (and their guests’) personal battles with mental health including eating disorders, depression, anxiety and so much more! We were lucky enough to spend some internet time with co-host Alyssa Limperis, whose web series (co-created with Gwynn Ballard) Business Casual you may have been introduced to by little ‘ole us. She gives us the skinny on this bold new endeavor. Listen to FIRST EPISODE episode of the pod then read the interview, or reverse it! The world is you oyster! Please don’t ever eat smoked seafood alone again!

Crazy; In Bed Episode One: Killing Spider with Lauren Duca

COMEDY CAKE: Comedy Cake readers will be familiar with your deeply satisfying and silly web series “Business Casual” co-written and acted with Gwynn Ballard. The female characters in that series seem like polar opposites of the woman represented in your upcoming podcast. How are you similar to both your “Business Casual” character and the guests on your podcast?

ALYSSA LIMPERIS: Thank you for your kind words! Business Casual was born out of needing an escape from the darkness. We made it after Trump was elected and after my dad died and it just felt like the world was unbearably heavy. Business Casual is pure silly. Our podcast is the opposite in that we are diving right into the darkness headfirst. Even though they both come from totally different angles, they both aim to end in laughter and happiness.

CAKE: What inspired you and your Crazy in Bed co-host to come up with the idea for the new podcast?

LIMPERIS: Within an hour of meeting May, we knew we had the same messy brains. May is so incredibly smart and funny and so even though we were both clearly struggling and in the darkness, we were both laughing so much at it. It was so empowering and cathartic that we decided to make it into a podcast to share with other people who might be needing a laugh or a friend.

CAKE: What do you hope to achieve by bringing this podcast to the world?/What mental health stigmas would you like to see crushed to oblivion?

LIMPERIS: The goal of the podcast is to make people feel less alone with their demons. The most powerful tool demons have is isolation – we want to make people not only feel like they aren’t alone and that it’s cool to talk about it openly. Combined, we have dealt with anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, depression and addiction. I look forward to the day where it would be normal to say to a boss, “hey, my eating disorder and depression are flaring up so I’m gonna take the day off” the same way I would say “hey, I have strep so I’m gonna take the day off.”

Co-host of the “Crazy; In Bed” podcast ALYSSA LIMPERIS

CAKE: Can you tell us a little bit about the guests you’ll be having on the pod?

LIMPERIS: Every guest we have has been my favorite! So far, we’ve had everything from a mental health doctor to a TV writer to a fashion icon to a beauty editor to a late night producer. We are hoping to show that no matter how put-together people seem, everyone’s dealing with demons.

CAKE: What’s it like juggling many hats as writer, actor, producer, podcaster and more? In other words, how do you deal with stress?

LIMPERIS: As my therapist and all loved ones would say, “Not well.” But I like the juggling, it helps me to never feel stuck and it makes me more excited for each project because nothing ever feels stale. Once it starts to feel stale, I’m moving on to the next thing.

CAKE: What other projects do you currently have brewing?

LIMPERIS: I am touring my hour-long solo show about losing my dad called No Bad Days, I have a character web series coming out in January and I am continuing to put up a play I co-wrote and co-star in with Shannon Odell called “Wake Up!”

Hosts of the new UCB Comedy Podcast Network pod “Crazy; In Bed,” Alyssa Limperis (left) & May Wilkerson (right)

CAKE: Will we get more “Business Casual” episodes in the future?

LIMPERIS: Yes, you absolutely will! Since those two characters never get anything done at work, I hope that the series will last for a very long time.

CAKE: How do you blow off steam when you’re not making people laugh hard?


CAKE: Cake or pie? There is only one good answer.

LIMPERIS:Ohh my friend, once you hear the podcast you will know the answer: neither :)

Mentions: Guests will include comedian Aparna Nancherla, Tru TV’s Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show), writer/comedian Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) and others from various industries. Click HERE for future episodes!

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