Layers: JOE PERA TALKS WITH YOU Serves Up A Generous Helping of Smiles

Layers: JOE PERA TALKS WITH YOU Serves Up A Generous Helping of Smiles
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If you are still riding high from the love-infused, worldwide spectacle that was the Royal Wedding, you still have something to cheer about! You can watch the all-new original series JOE PERA TALKS WITH YOU premieringTonight at MIDNIGHT on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. (I never did like midnight premieres because it can get oh so confusing, but no matter. Time is painful.) If you just can’t wait for that showing, the Adult Swim website has already released two episodes (Joe Pera Shows You Iron & Joe Pera Takes You To Breakfast) just to get you all warm and fuzzy.

In the series, comedian Joe Pera, who hails from Buffalo, New York, has cleverly captured living the simple life in Smalltown USA. After getting a sneak preview, I couldn’t helping imagining the audience questioning why they ever moved to the big city in the first place. Those poor homesick souls. Sniffle. In the heart-warming series, Pera uses his straight-laced, yet compelling humor to explore a variety of subject matter with a childlike sense of awe and wonder. Some of the best things in life are the simplest, which in this series include rocks, friendship, breakfast, sharing, dancing, and checking out your surroundings. I think it’s more than a good idea if you serve up a hot plate of pancakes with syrup and embrace everything good about being alive. Yes, that includes laughter. Enjoy!

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Mentions: Watch episodes Joe Pera Takes You On A Fall Drive & Joe Pera Shows You How To Dance May 28th! The series was created by and stars Joe Pera, who serves as executive producer with Conner O’Malley; co-produced by Jo Firestone, who also makes an appearance; directed by Marty Schousboe; and produced by Factual Productions, Inc. All images care of Adult Swim.

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