Layers: “The K Ohle” Podcast Review

When I think Kurt Braunohler the words whimsical, creative, and enigmatic come to mind. Kurt’s new podcast The K Ohle is every bit like Kurt and to say that I love it is an understatement. Not only is the multi-format concept fresh and inviting but its fully contained in a palatable timeframe of ~30min. The first episode of the podcast explores the “Boat Show” format where Kurt and guest Paul F Tompkins discuss the topic of boating. Not only will I never again be able to enter a PF Chang’s without giggling furiously but I am now fully informed of whom Paul F Tompkins will be bringing aboard his fancy vessel. The second format “The K Ohle” explores is PETophilia. In the second episode Kurt and Videogum writer/editor Gabe Delahaye talk about pets in the presence of Gabe’s Shiba Inu. Two quotes I’m sure will be tattooed to your brain by the episode’s end are “Kanji is the Benji of Japan” and “Welcome back, dodos.” I won’t give away anymore so go get yourself over to the Nerdist network stat. You’ll be happy you listened!

Mentions: You can download “The K Ohle” on iTunes. Be sure to rate the podcast if you please. Photo credit: Tavallai.