The less than politically correct HBO mockmentary Life’s Too Short will be tying up the loose ends of series one with a Finale Special airing July 5. Warwick Davis’ (“Willow”, “Star Wars”, “Harry Potter”) fictionalized portrayal of himself as a struggling actor who juggles personal woes and mismanages his talent agency for Little People has had me in stitches non-stop. “Life’s Too Short” has sported some serious big name muscle through its run with cameos from Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson, Sting, Helena Bonham Carter and Steve Carell. The finale should prove no different. Check out this clip featuring Val Kilmer delighting Warwick with the news that Willow 2 will soon be in production. I can’t wait!!!

Mentions: “Life’s Too Short,” The Finale Special airs Friday, July 9 on HBO.