The LA Comedy Fest started out as a show that brought live sketch and stand-up to LA. It has grown into quite the grand event celebrating film, tv, web, screenplay, and live comedy. This fest featured 65 shorts, 2 features, 9 comedy acts and a partridge in a pear tree. Comedy Cake had the priviledge of attending Saturday night’s live comedy performances at the Let Live Theatre. Honoring LA Comedy Fest’s roots we were entertained with stand-up from Sarah Gallagher, musical comedy by Identity Crush and some live sketches & videos from Think Tank.

Sarah Gallagher entertained the crowd with her brutally honest brand of humor (complete with a spandex ensemble and cowboy boots)


The laughter continued with the absolutely adorable musical duo Identity Crush who just happened to win Best Live Performance of the Fest. Jason Carmody and Meghan Gambling performed a plethora of hilarious songs with true aplomb. Among my favorite tunes of night were “Kitty Apocalypse,” “Meat Deals,” “Rogue or Bust” and “Naughty Naughty”.


The comedy sketch group Think Tank composed of Brent Bridwell, Kevin Carroll, Paul Robinson, Peter Stepnoski capped off the night with outrageous sketches & videos that could make a gal blush.


The Fashion Police were on patrol and taking no prisoners.


Mr Bodgers was a big hit in the neighborhood (if not a disturbing one)


The most eye opening and drop dead hilarious sketch of the night was most certainly two gents stripped down to bits of stocking and craft paper testing the limits of their costumes with wild antics like touch football and crab walking.

Interspersed among the wild sketches Think Tank presented some amusing videos that knocked our socks off. My favorites included the Liptitor Commercial and Scared White People.


The night ended with some well deserved fan appreciation and bows.

Thank you LA Comedy Fest for another rip roaring adventure into hilarity! See you next time.

Mentions: Check out Sarah Gallagher’s set from a night at Zanies in Chicago for more mega laughs. Watch Identity Crush‘s Video Mr Fox on FOD. And do not forget to check out the Think Tank channel.

Images by Scott Sutton